Throwing a party?

We’ve got a zero waste system for your drinks.

Whether you’re hosting a late night DJ set, product launch, or fundraiser, we’ve got cups for you that are zero waste and covid safe.


With logistics, collection points, and washing included, going zero waste has never been




Improve Brand Image

Put a sustainable initiative in everyone’s hand. Not only will you save a lot of cups from landfill but you’ll get credit By engaging your attendees in waste reduction


Create A Revenue Stream

We recommend a deposit system to ensure cups are taken care of and returned. This puts value on the cup for attendees and creates a revenue stream for you


Easy To Implement

We provide everything including cups, signs, collection points, delivery, pick up and washing so you can focus on throwing a great party.


How it works:

  • We plan your cup needs based on your attendees and sales, we deliver cups, signs, collection points and assist with deposit systems.

  • After the event we pickup, wash and sanitize in a commercial washing facility.

  • We then pack and store cups ready to reduce waste again and again.

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