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Our Mission

Cup Zero is a sustainability company focused on providing reusable products and services designed to eliminate single-use waste. We believe that there is a better way than throw-away, and want to give everyone the tools required to be a zero-waste hero!



Michael Cyr

Michael loves concerts and beer, but he hates waste!

He got his career started  by working in the waste industry in NYC. After years of trying to get everything recycled he came to dead end after dead end. He realized the only real path to sustainability was making less waste in the first place. He loves to educate people on the underground world of recycling and composting (see his Ted X talk here ) and will gladly talk trash over a zero waste coffee or beer.

He is usually the first person on the dance floor or in the water. He surfs, forages, and makes a few too many dad jokes.

Zsolt Bendel

If you’ve been to a nightlife event in the past few years, chances are Zsolt was there too.

He’s worked every part of nightlife production from construction to high level financials. The image that sticks out in his mind however is the ocean of plastic waste left on the floor after the show! Some of most magical events with kind hearted people were leaving behind a trail of trash. The founders two met at their local climbing gym and decided to do something about it and Cup Zero was born.

You can find Zsolt climbing at the Gunks or powerlines or road tripping across the country in his camper van.

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